EzyOB signup process

How to create a custom online booking calendar

EzyOB makes setting up a custom online booking calendar for your business quick and effortless

To follow along simply create a free account and follow these simple steps

  1. Create an Account
  2. Basic Information
  3. Adding Services
  4. Defining Prices
  5. Create a Booking Schedule
  6. Viewing Your Live Booking Calendar
  7. Styling and Customization
  8. Where To From Here?

1. Create an Account

Click Free Trial in the top menu and follow the links to the login page

On the login page click the "Click here to start your free trial" link at the bottom

Enter your email address then click "Send verification code"

An email will be sent from Microsoft with a 6 digit verification code

Enter your 6 digit code then click the Verify Code button

Choose a password then click the Continue button to enter the EzyOB portal


2. Basic Information

Next, enter your basic information such as name, company, country etc.

The timezone you select affects the times displayed in the admin portal as well as your public booking calendar

Currency determines how your prices are displayed, as well as online payments if enabled


3. Adding Services

Services are those things which your customers can book for a future date and time

Examples of services include:

  • Appointments
  • Fitness Classes
  • Bus Tours

Enter a service that your customers can book on your calendar then click the Save button


4. Defining Prices

Each service can have multiple prices, for example you can setup individual prices for adults, children, family discounts etc.

Enter one or more prices for your service, or click the No Price button if your service is free (no price displayed)

The Time Buffer section allows you to create a gap before and after a booking

If the appointment is for 60 minutes, and you have booking slots every 15 minutes, then enter block out 60 mins after start

This will prevent bookings from overlapping existing appointments


5. Create a Booking Schedule

The Calendar page of the main menu is where you create bookable slots and manage your bookings

To create slots right-click on a day on the calendar and click Add Slots

Slots are created for a specific date and time, and can hold one or more bookings

You can temporarily block slots, move bookings between slots, view booking details, and other functions related to managing your bookings and schedule


5. Create a Booking Schedule (cont)

Here you can add slots for a date range and for specific weekdays

In the Time tab select a from/to range and a gap (in minutes)

This will generate times for the slots to be added, which you can click to include/exclude from being added


6. Viewing Your Live Booking Calendar

That's it! You now have a very basic but fully functional online booking calendar

Click the Open Live Site button in the top menu to view your booking calendar

Now for the fun part - choosing colors, fonts, layouts, text etc. to design the perfect online booking calendar for your business


7. Styling and Customization

EzyOB gives you the power to create a unique and custom online booking experience for your customers

With the online booking calendar designer you can:

  • Select from existing color themes, or design your own
  • Change any text, buttons, messages etc.
  • Upload your logo
  • Select layouts and behaviours
  • Translate your booking calendar into multiple languages

To style your booking calendar navigate to Setup in the top menu then select the Site Designer tab


8. Where To From Here?

How easy was that! You now have a live and fully functional online booking calendar

Here are some resources which will help you further customize your customers online booking experience, and help you manage your customers and online bookings:

Reach out to us at any time if you need assistance via email (enquiries@ezyob.com),
or clicking the Help button on the bottom of every page