Google Calendar Booking System

EzyOnlineBookings features 2-way Google calendar integration allowing you to use Google calendar as your booking system.

All bookings will instantly appear within your Google calendar and include customer details entered at checkout.

2-way integration gives you an easy way to move or remove bookings from within Google calendar instead of logging into the portal.

Turning On Google Calendar Integration

To enable Google calendar integration log into the portal then navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS > Google 

Click the Enable Google Calendar Integration button.

You will then be prompted to select which Google account you want to link EzyOnlineBookings to

Google will ask if you want to allow EzyOnlineBookings to access your contacts and calendar.

These permissions are required to integrate EzyOnlineBookings with Google calendar.  Click the Allow button

After you click the Allow button you will return to the EzyOnlineBookings portal.

If you have multiple Google calendars for the selected Google account you will be asked to select which calendar to link EzyOnlineBookings with.

Click on a calendar to complete Google calendar integration.  Any future bookings will now appear in your Google calendar.

Once Google calendar integration is enabled you’ll have a number of settings which control how it works.

Default Resource

When you add an event in Google calendar, EzyOB needs to know which resource to assign to when importing.

You can specify which resource the Google “event” is for by including it’s name in the description surrounded by [ and ] characters (e.g. “[My Resource]”). Otherwise, the selected default resource will be used.

If you don’t want to import events that don’t have the [resource] specified in the description, then choose the “Ignore” option.

Google Calendar Options

1) When importing events from Google, delete overlapping slots in EzyOB

You can create bookings by manually creating events in Google calendar which are then imported into EzyOnlineBookings.

To prevent double-bookings any slots which overlap the imported Google calendar event will be deleted, unless they already have 1 or more bookings.

You can use this option if you want to use Google calendar to “block” out times from being bookable.

2) When importing events from Google, match to EzyOB slot by start time

Tick this option to match the start time of imported Google events to an existing slot in EzyOB.

If a match is found (with at least 1 place available) then this slot will be linked to the new Google event, otherwise a new slot will be created in EzyOB.

3) When deleting bookings in EzyOB, also delete the corresponding event in Google calendar

If ticked, events will dissapear from Google calendar if you delete them in EzyOB.

Leave un-ticked if you want events to remain in Google calendar even after they’re deleted in EzyOB.

4) When deleting an event in Google, also delete the corresponding booking in EzyOB

If ticked, slots will dissapear from EzyOB if you delete them in Google calendar.

Leave un-ticked if you want slots to remain in EzyOB even after they’re deleted in Google calendar.

5) Include customer information in Google event

If ticked, Google event descriptions will contain details filled in by our customers.

Leave un-ticked if you want to hide sensetive information and customer details.

Additional Notes

When slots are moved, modified, or bookings added, Google calendar events are deleted and re-created. Therefore, any additions to event descriptions etc. will be lost. Do not store addition information in event descriptions.

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