The customer accounts feature allows your customers to sign into the booking system and manage their bookings.

They can then view past purchases, list upcoming bookings, and reschedule or cancel their bookings (if those features are enabled)

Enabling Customer Accounts

To enable the customer accounts feature click on CUSTOMERS in the top menu:

You can enable the customer accounts feature in 3 different ways:

  1. Customers must be logged in to enter your booking calendar
  2. Customers must log in at checkout to complete a purchase
  3. Logins are optional (“checkout as guest” is available)

Creating Accounts

You can either allow customers to create their own accounts, or only allow accounts created by you as an administrator.

If you allow customers to create their own accounts you can specify a “sign up” form to collect customer information such as name, phone etc. 

You can add as many text fields, multi-select options etc. as needed, and you can also translate the form into multiple languages if required.

You can set new accounts to automatically activate, or remain de-activated until you approve/activate the account.

Customers can only log into an account that is activated.

All past purchases linked to the email address will be automatically linked when an account is created.

As a security measure, customers must first verify their email address prior to logging in for the first time.

Managing Customer Accounts

Navigate to CUSTOMERS > ACCOUNTS to view all customer accounts in the system:

Here you can activate or deactivate accounts and view the number of bookings linked with each account.

Clicking the icon in the Bookings column will show all bookings and purchases made by that customer.

Customers will not be able to log in if their account is deactivated.

To delete an account, first deactivate it then click the delete link.

To view customer information that was entered on sign up tick the Show Signup Info option at the top

Manually Adding Customer Accounts

The Add New Account link at the top allows you to manually create an account on behalf of a customer.

Emails and Text

As with any other text, labels, buttons etc. on your booking calendar you can modify and translate any text in SETUP > SETTINGS > Text.

The following is a list of emails sent by the system which can be customized in SETUP > SETINGS > Emails:

  • Verify Email Address – Sent when a new account is created with a link to verify the email address. Customers must verify their email address prior to logging in for the first time.
  • Account Approved – Sent to customers when an administrator has activated their account (unless auto-activation is enabled)
  • Account Created – Sent to customers when an administrator has manually created an account on their behalf
  • New Account Alert – Sent to you when someone has created an account

Booking "On Behalf Of" Customer

You can book “on behalf of” a customer via the CUSTOMERS page.  This will open up your public booking calendar, logging you in with the customers account.

Use this instead of manual bookings in the BOOKINGS page if you want to enforce customer booking limits.

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