Calendar Designer

How to design and style a custom booking experience

Design and create a unique online booking experience for your customers which matches your website and branding

Stand out from your competitors with EzyOB's custom online booking calendar designer

To get started simply create a free account and log into the EzyOB portal

  1. Open the Site Designer
  2. Upload your logo
  3. Select colors and fonts
  4. Customizing text
  5. Main page text
  6. Customer input form
  7. Layouts and advanced settings
  8. Multi-language support

1. Open the Site Designer

Sign into the EzyOB Portal then navigate to Setup > Site Designer

The Site Designer tab is where any changes to your booking calendar are made including:

  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Custom text
  • Layouts and other advanced settings

2. Upload our logo

To upload your logo simply click the Add Your Logo button and upload your logo file

Files must be JPG, PNG or GIF, and must be 600 KB in size or less to keep ensure that your online booking calendar loads fast


3. Select colors and fonts

You can select from pre-existing color themes or design your own

Click the Site Designer button to open the color and font editor

The Site Designer includes some pre-defined themes you can select, or you can roll your own

Pre-defined Color Themes

Click on a theme at the bottom to load it into the preview window

The Live Site box on the far left shows your currently published live site

Designing Your Own Theme

Click the Advanced button to open the color theme designer

Designing Your Own Theme (cont)

In the Advanced Site Designer you can:

  • Choose from a large number of fonts
  • Select font and text sizes
  • Select colors for individual elements on your booking calendar

Pro Tip: To apply colors quickly across the theme use these shortcuts located next to Buttons and Calendar sections:

Publishing and Previewing Themes

Click the Preview button to test the color theme without affecting your live site

The Preview mode will open your live online booking calendar so you can experiment with different colors, fonts and font sizes before publishing to the live site

Once you're happy with the theme click the Publish to Live Site button to apply the theme to your live site


4. Customizing Text

EzyOB allows you to change any text, button, message etc. on your booking calendar, enabling you to create a booking calendar 100% tailored to your business

Click the Page Text button to open the text customization popup:

Customizing Text (cont)

Here you'll find any text that appears on your public booking calendar which you can change as needed

If you have multi-language enabled then you can change text for any language you have enabled


5. Main Page Text

You can change the text that appears at the top of each page, adding images etc. to give your customers clear info and instructions

Click the Page Text button, then open the main_page_text section and click the modify link


6. Customer input form

Customize the input form on your checkout page to specify what information you want to collect from your customers

Click the Input Form button to open the editor

Customer input form (cont)

You can add the following input types to your form:

  • Text
  • Long Text (multi-line input)
  • Email
  • Single Select (customers can only select one option)
  • Multi Select (customers can only multiple options)

Each input can be mandatory or optional, and you can re-order inputs as needed

You can add as many inputs as needed, however you must have at least one Email input


7. Layouts and advanced settings

You can further customize your booking calendar in Advanced Settings

This will open a popup with a number of options

Layouts and advanced settings (cont)

Here you can further modify your booking calendar behaviour such as:

  • Always show the select service and select resource pages (even if you only have 1 service or resource)
  • Select a layout for how service and resource details are displayed on the calendar page
  • Show booked out slots on the calendar
  • Set time selection to be in a popup, or in a weekly slot calendar
  • Enable online payments via PayPal
  • Allow or disallow customers to select a quantity (number of places) when booking a slot
  • Enable the limiting of bookable places per slot
  • Allow customers to cancel or reschedule their bookings, with a minimum notice period (buffer) set by you
  • Enable and manage multi-language support

8. Multi-language support

EzyOB lets you enable multiple languages with custom translations which your customers can select on your online booking calendar

Multi-language support is enabled via Advanced Settings as per the screenshot above

When enabled, anywhere in the system where you can modify text will give you the option to set the text for your chosen language

For example, the Input Form popup will show language buttons at the top, allowing you to set the text for each specific language

NOTE: Some languages are not yet translated - for these you will need to provide your own translations by modifying the text


Need Help?

If you have any questions, or need assistance in customizing your online booking calendar, please contact us via the Help buttons at the bottom of each page, or email us at