Calendar based services are booked on a calendar which has bookable slots.

Bookable slots are defined on a roster which cycles one or more weeks.

By default, any week in the future has slots defined on the roster, unless that week is unlocked

Locked vs Unlocked Weeks

Slots in locked weeks come from the roster. Changes to the roster will automatically apply to locked weeks.

Unlocked weeks have slots independent of the roster. Changing the roster will now affect unlocked weeks.

When a booking is made then that week will automatically become unlocked. This happens so that changes to the roster do not affect existing bookings.

You can also manually unlock a week if you want to change slots just for that week (for public holidays, shutdown periods etc.)

To manually unlock a week go to that week in CALENDAR and click the click here to unlock link:

You can then modify the slots in that week without affecting slots in any other weeks.

Unlocked weeks can be manually locked again (i.e linked back to the roster) providing that they do not contain any bookings.

Setting up your roster

To setup bookable slots on your roster navigate to SETUP > ROSTER:

Adding Slots

To add slots to the roster click the Add Slots button at the top of the page. This will open the Add Slots popup:

Click and drag on the Times grid to specify what days and times to add slots to.

Slots will be created in the specified times, one after the other, with Slot Duration specifying the length of time for each slot.

You can specify which Services the slots will be bookable for, and can optionally define custom prices for those services (overriding default prices in SETUP > SERVICES)

Places In Slot defines how many bookings can be made until that slot is booked out. For example, if you enter 1 then only one customer will be able to book the slot.

Modifying Slots

You can move slots around the calendar using drag and drop, or resize slots by dragging the bottom of the slot.

You can also drag and drop the slot to the right of the page to duplicate or delete that slot:

You can also modify a slot by clicking on it. This will open the View Slot popup:

Click the Edit button to change the slots day/time, or bookable services.

The Duplicate button will create an identical slot (right after the slot you have selected)

Blocking Slots

To temporarily prevent a slot from accepting bookings click the Block button.

Blocked slots will appear red on the calendar.

Bulk Updates

Instead of modifying individual slots you can perform bulk operations to multiple slots at a time.

To do this click the Bulk Updates button on the top of the screen to open the Bulk Updates popup:

Click and drag the calendar to specify the blocks of time which you want to apply the bulk update to.

The following bulk operations are available:

  • Max Places: Specify how many bookings can be made to the slots
  • Copy: Copy slots from one day to another
  • Delete: Delete all slots in the specified times
  • Block: Temporarily prevent bookings to slots
  • Unblock: Remove the block on slots in the specified times
  • Services: Add or remove services to slots in the specified times

Calendar Settings

Clicking the Settings link at the top of the calendar will allow you change how the roster calendar is displayed:

You can zoom in/out, specify the start and end times displayed, hide blocked slots, or enable multiple resources.

Multiple Resources

You can create multiple resources each with their own roster.

Click the enable multiple resources link in the settings to go to the Resources page.

Here you can add additional resources which will have their own independent roster.

Resources can be individual staff members, bookable rooms, separate equipment etc.

If multiple resources are enabled you can allow your customers to specify a resource when booking, or hide resources from customers

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