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Are you offering your customers the convenience of online bookings on your beauty salon's business website? If not then you could be losing sales to those competitors who are offering this service to their customers.

These days it's easy and affordable to setup an online salon appointment booking system. You don't need a degree in IT, and it's surprisingly affordable at just a fraction of the extra sales that it will attract.

EzyOnlineBookings offers a beauty salon online booking system that works right on your existing website for just $99 per year, with unlimited bookings and nothing more to pay.

As a business owner you know that having a professional, mobile-friendly business website is essential to staying competitive in today's digital world. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and today more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

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Many potential customers may stumble across your website while browsing the web on the train, or during an ad break while watching TV. Giving potential customers an easy way to book and pay instantly on your website is a great way of boosting your sales, and preventing potential customers from booking with one of your competitors. You'll capture more sales without any extra effort.

Alot of hair and beauty salon business owners believe that setting up online bookings on their website is too difficult. This is no longer the case, thanks to SAAS (software as a service). With a SAAS booking system all you need to do is copy and paste some HTML code onto your website and you can start offering online bookings. There's no expensive software to install and maintain. The booking system provider will handle maintenance, backups, and upgrades.

Managing your customer appointments is also easy. You can log into your account 24/7 from any internet enabled device to view and manage your bookings, and to control how your online booking calendar behaves. You'll instantly receive emails as customers make bookings, and you can customize the booking and reminder emails that your customers receive with your own company branding and message.

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When choosing a hair salon booking system for your website make sure that the online booking calendar you choose can be styled and branded to match your current website's look and feel. This is very important as it increases trust for your website visitors, while at the same time enhancing your website with an aesthetically pleasing and professional looking reservation calendar.

How the beauty salon booking system lets you manage bookings is just as important. Booking information should be easy to access 24/7 from any internet connected device. Some booking systems such as EzyOnlineBookings will allow you to setup separate logins for each of your staff. You can configure the system so your staff can only access their own bookings, which will help prevent human error and reduce mistakes.

If your hair or beauty salon isn't yet offering online bookings then start your free trial today. For only $99 per year, with nothing more to pay, it's a guaranteed way of boosting increasing sales.

EzyOnlineBookings is a complete hair and salon booking management system, and at just $99 per year the return on investment will take your business to a new level. Try it out today for free and see how easy setting up online bookings for your salon website can be.

Start your free 7 day trial today and see how easy it is to start offering online ticket bookings online right on your website. Click here to learn more about EzyOnlineBooking's many useful features.

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