EzyOnlineBookings 2.0 - New booking system coming soon!

Since 2012, EzyOnlineBookings.com has been helping businesses around the world offer their clients an easy way to book and pay online. Thanks to feedback from customers the booking software has evolved and improved over time, with many useful features added based on suggestions and feedback.

Today, EzyOnlineBookings.com offers a complete online reservation system with all the bells and whistles of enterprise systems, but at a price that's affordable for small businesses.

EzyOnlineBookings.com is not just an online booking calendar. It's a complete booking management system that gives business owners an easy way to not just collect online bookings, but also to manage customers and bookings through an easy to use web based interface.

Improvements to the booking system have been on-going, and in 2015 work began on EzyOnlineBookings 2.0.

EzyOnlineBookings 2.0 includes a number improvements over the current software, including a complete overhaul of how booking slots are setup and configured, and how customer bookings are managed.

A new online booking system

The current method of setting up a booking calendar has been replaced with a powerful and easy to use drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor, saving time and allowing business owners to setup their booking schedule in just seconds.

Version 2.0 gives full control of individual booking slots, including custom prices and time periods, and bookings are now easily viewed alongside available booking slots. This was the biggest "missing piece" to EzyOnlineBookings, and 2.0 promises to have the flexibility to cator for more complex booking schedules, while at the same time making it easier and quicker to use.

In addition to an overhaul of the roster management sub-system many other improvements have been introduced in EzyOnlineBookings 2.0.

As an example, system settings are now available in their relevant pages throughout the site instead of one settings page. Over the years many additional functions and settings have been added at the request of customers. This has made the system much more powerful, but also more complex to setup. The new changes reduce setup complexity by providing an easy and intuitive way to customize an account.

Booking software settings

All existing functionality have been preserved in 2.0, making EzyOnlineBookings 2.0 a super-charged version of the original. Users can still manage bookings with Google calendar, create logins for individual staff, accept PayPal payments, offer multi-language support on the public booking calendar, integrate into their Facebook page etc.

The booking system will continue to evolve and improve beyond 2.0, making the system more powerful, flexible, and user friendly, yet keeping it affordable for small businesses around the world.

EzyOnlineBookings 2.0

Who knows what EzyOnlineBookings will look like in 10 years time. One thing is for sure - EzyOnlineBookings.com will continue to evolve and serve more and more small businesses around the world, providing a powerful yet affordable booking system for all.