EzyOB is now available

EzyOB is now available! EzyOB.com is our new online booking system that's fully customizable, giving you the tools to create your own online booking calendar that matches your website and branding. EzyOB includes a powerful portal to view and manage bookings, and configure your public booking calendar.

Launched in 2017, EzyOB.com is version 2.0 and successor to the original EzyOnlineBookings.com booking system.

The online booking system offers many advantages over the original including:

  • A color theme builder to select and create your own color combinations
  • The ability to change any button text, caption etc. into any language
  • Layouts and advanced settings to give more control over how your booking calendar functions
  • 100% mobile friendly so your booking calendar looks great on any screen size
  • Shopping cart functionality and the ability to sell non-appointment based items (t-shirts, gift cards etc.)

All the original features, including Google calendar integration and PayPal, are still there along with many other new features.

EzyOB is suitable for just about any business and at less than $20 per month, with no commissions taken and nothing extra to pay.

EzyOB - a new mobile friendly online booking system

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