An International Online Booking Calendar includes multi-language support to let your customers make bookings in their familiar language.

Selecting languages for your booking calendar

Languages can be selected via settings ...

multi-language support

Here you can select a primary language, and select any additional languages that you would like your supported on your public booking calendar.

If secondary languages are enabled then your customers can switch between languages by clicking on the flags on the top right hand corner of the booking calendar ...

multi language booking software

Requesting additional languages

If your language isn't in the list of available languages then contact support to request a translation. Additional language translations can be added free of charge for customers.

Setting up your booking calendar for multiple languages

After you select your primary and secondary language(s) you can customize your calendar further by specifying language-specific text ...

service title language setup

Here you can change the label/text for "service" as it's displayed on your booking calendar for each of your languages.

Language-specific text can be specified for service display title, resource display title, and mobile booking calendar labels.

The booking calendar will display your translated text for customers viewing in that specific language.