Setting up your Google calendar booking system

EzyOnlineBookings features 2-way Google calendar integration allowing you to use Google calendar as your booking system.

Turning on Google calendar integration

To enable Google calendar integration click on SETTINGS at the top, then click on GOOGLE CALENDAR ...

Turn on Google calendar integration

Switch the "google calendar integration" setting to "on". This will take you to Google where you will be asked to give permission for to access your Google calendar ...

Accepting Google calendar permissions

If you have multiple calendars on your Google account then you'll be prompted to select which Google calendar you want bookings to go to ...

Select a Google calendar for bookings

You can share your Google calendar with your staff to give them access to bookings on that calendar learn more

New online bookings

Once you enable Google calendar integration new online bookings will automatically be added as events into your Google calendar.

By default, online reservations inserted into Google calendar will display the resource name in the event title ...

Google calendar event

You can change this via the "google event title" setting ...

Google calendar reservation title

Adding manual bookings

You can add manual bookings from inside EzyOnlineBookings or directly on your Google calendar.

To do this simply add an event in Google calendar. Specify a resource for the booking by entering the resource name in brackets in the description like so ...

Specify resource in Google calendar booking

EzyOnlineBookings will check your Google calendar for new manual bookings every 15 minutes and update the booking system accordingly.

The "default resource" setting determines how the booking system will handle Google events that don't have a resource specified in the description ...

Default Google resource

Set this to "Ignore Google events with no resource" if you want EzyOnlineBookings to ignore Google events without a specified resource. Otherwise, select a resource from the list to link Google bookings to that resource if none are specified in the event description.

Deleting bookings

The following settings determine what happens when bookings are deleted from the booking system or from your Google calendar ...

Deleting Google calendar events

If you set the first option to "yes" then deleting bookings in Ezy will also delete the corresponding Google calendar event. Setting it to "no" will leave events in Google calendar even if they're deleted in Ezy.

The second setting works the other way around - setting this to "yes" will delete the booking in ezyonlinebookings if the Google calendar event is deleted. Setting it to "no" will leave the booking in ezy even if it's deleted in Google calendar.

Additional notes

Recurring Google calendar events are not supported and will not be imported from Google calendar.

When switching on Google calendar integration existing bookings/events will not be imported. Only new bookings from that point onwards will be imported and synchronized.