Setting up bookable hours on a week-by-week schedule

There are a number of settings which determine how bookable slots are generated on your booking calendar.

How are bookable slots generated?

Bookable hours for resources are defined in blocks of time on a weekly schedule.

Click on BOOKABLE HOURS in the top menu.

Here you can setup a weekly schedule, or setup a multi-week booking schedule. Bookable hours are defined for each resource.

weekly booking schedule

In the example above, resource "Kathryn Smith" can be booked between 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday, as well as 8AM-9PM on Wednesdays.

Drag and drop resources onto the calendar to add more bookable blocks.

You can add as many time blocks as you like, as long as they don't overlap for that resource.

For example, you can create bookable blocks for 9AM-3PM & 4PM-8PM, but not 9AM-3PM & 2PM-8PM for the same day and resource.

The scheduling system creates bookable slots one after another to fit inside these blocks of time ...

booking calendar slots

Slots will disappear from the booking calendar once they are booked out, or if you block that period manually.
(see section BLOCKING DATES AND TIMES below)

Maximum Concurrent Bookings

The "max concurrent bookings" setting determines how many bookings a resource can handle at any one time ...

max concurrent bookings

Example: set this to 10 if you operate a boat charter that can take up to 10 passengers at one time.

Multiple Slots Per Booking

You can allow customers to book more than one "slot" per booking by setting "Show quantity selection?" in settings ...

enable quantity selection

This will allow your customers to select a quantity (i.e. number of slots) on the booking calendar ...

quantity on booking calendar

Size/duration of bookable slots

The booking system will create bookable slots one after the other on your public booking calendar.

The size or duration of slots can either be the duration of the service, or a fixed duration.

booking slot duration

This is determined by the "Set a fixed slot size?" setting in BOOKABLE HOURS under advanced settings ...

set slot size

Setting this value to service duration will maximize the number of bookings that can be taken as bookable slots will stack neatly together.

Setting a fixed slot size will give customers more flexibility in the times they can book, but may result in gaps between bookings.

Insert a gap between bookable slots

You can insert a gap between bookable slots by enabling the "Insert gap between slots?" setting on the bookable hours page ...

gap between booking slots

Maximum and minimum bookable dates

To prevent bookings too far into the future use the "Limit future booking dates?" setting on the bookable hours page ...

limit future booking dates

Example: set this to 7 days to prevent bookings more than 1 week in advance.

You can also control how soon customers can book - i.e. have a buffer between now and the first available booking.
This is enabled in service settings, by changing the FIRST AVAIL BOOKING setting ...

first available booking

Example: set this to 1 day to prevent customers from making bookings for the same day.

Override bookable hours for specific dates

To override regular bookable hours for specific dates click on BOOKABLE HOURS in the top menu, then click IRREGULAR HOURS ...

custom bookable hours

In the example above resource Kathryn Smith will only be bookable between 9AM and 12PM on the 19th of November.

Use this function if you want a resource to be bookable for specific hours on a particular date.

Blocking dates and times

You can block entire days or times from bookings via your main booking calendar ...

block booking dates

You can block an entire date range from being bookable, or block a time range on a specific date.