How-to articles and advantages of online bookings

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get notified as new how-to articles are published is now available. As successsor to EzyOnlineBookings, version 2.0 offers greater flexibility and customization with a ton of new features.

Start your free 30 day trial today and create a unique booking calendar for your site.

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EzyOnlineBookings 2.0 is coming soon! The new booking system includes a complete re-write of booking slot management making it faster and to use, yet more powerful and flexible.

Many other improvements will be introduced in 2.0 while preserving all existing features in the original booking system.

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hair salon booking software

Are you offering your customers the convenience of online bookings on your beauty salon's business website? If not then you could be losing sales to those competitors who are offering this service to their customers.

These days it's easy and affordable to setup an online salon appointment booking system. You don't need a degree in IT, and it's surprisingly affordable at just a fraction of the extra sales that it will attract.

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Online meeting room booking system

EzyOnlineBookings is more than just a web based room booking system. It's a complete room booking management system that gives you the power to quickly and easily manage your room booking needs.

Your room booking calendar can be installed directly onto your existing website, or can be accessed directly via a link for email campaigns etc.

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Online ticket booking system

When implementing an online ticket booking system there are a number of things to consider before choosing your booking system software.

You'll want the best online booking system for your business at an affordable price, and one with the right features to suit your unique business needs.

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Joomla booking plugin

Are you looking for a Joomla booking system for your business to boost your sales and revenue? If so, then look no further.'s Joomla plugin makes it super easy to install a booking calendar onto your Joomla website, and to manage your customers and bookings from an easy to use web interface.

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EzyOnlineBookings features 2-way Google calendar integration allowing you to use Google calendar as your booking system.

Turning on Google calendar integration

To enable Google calendar integration click on settings at the top, then click the Google button.

read more has a number of settings which determine how bookable slots are generated on your booking calendar.

How are bookable slots generated?

Bookable hours for resources are defined in blocks of time on a weekly schedule.

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You can match the look and feel of your website by choosing a theme, or creating your own custom theme.

read more includes multi-language support to let your customers make bookings in their familiar language.

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