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Introducing - Online Booking Software

What is EzyOB? is a next generation online booking system and successor to the original booking system

How is EzyOB different?

EzyOB was designed and built from the ground up with flexibility in mind.

It gives any small business the tools needed to create a customized, mobile-friendly online shopping experience for their website, Facebook page, marketing campaign etc.

Here are some of the new features added to EzyOB

  • Create your own color themes
  • Customizable button text, prompts, messages
  • Page layouts to create a custom experience
  • Sell any items (t-shirts, vouchers etc.)
  • Multi-item shopping cart
  • Coupon codes and multiple prices per product

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What languages does EzyOB support?

EzyOB has the ability to change any button text, prompt, etc. into any language.

This makes EzyOB language independant, allowing you to create your own translation and to choose words that make sense for your business.

Does EzyOB have all the original features?

Yes, EzyOB still has all the original features that EzyOnlineBookings had such as Google calendar integration, PayPal etc.

Why the name change?

Since launching in 2012 has helped many small businesses around the world offer online bookings to their customers. However, it had one major flaw - a really long name

Can I buy the original booking system?

Yes, the original booking system is still operating and will continue to be offered into the future. Visit pricing to find out more

Can I try it out for free?

Yes, you can try 100% free for 30 days, no credit card required

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Book Now will increase your online sales, and will give you a way to manage bookings in a faster and more efficient way

Manage your bookings easily
Colorize your booking calendar
2 way Google calendar integration
Powerful settings give you complete control

See what customers are saying ...

"EzyOnlineBookings help me make my business possible. The simple integration of a calendar and booking system made the impossible possible. Thanks for an awesome affordable product."

Adam Randall   |  AP Physics Tutoring

"We are very happy with using the EZY and for the brilliant service."

Bjarne Munkholm Hansen
Munkborne Cosmetics

"Very easy to use, and understrand, my clients love the easy transactions with the paypal intergration."

Thomas Rowlen   |

"I've tried many booking calendars, and finally decided that Ezy is the best. Super easy to use; very flexible; lots and lots of very important features."

Zorica   |  The Time of Light

"I used to book tours manually, and it was taking, without a word of a lie, at times over 30 hours a week, with all the too and fro with clients, trying to find a date that would suit them via phone or email. Since implementing the online booking system, I have found that the time spent arranging bookings for clients has dropped to approximately 3 hours a week, and even then it is only when clients have special requests, that are impossible for me to cater for within ANY online booking system ... Don't spend thousands trying to get a booking site that works for you, its already been built! This is it!"

Rob Sinclair   |  Here To There Coaches